Autumn "Cold Comfort" CD

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01. The Scarecrow
02. Cold Comfort
03. Black Stars in a Blue Sky
04. Retrospect
05. Alloy
06. End of Sorrow
07. Naeon
08. Truth Be Told (Exhale)
09. The Venamoured

Dutch heavy rock collective Autumn make a return to the front line this November with their new album, Cold Comfort. This is the band's fifth full-length effort, their third for Metal Blade Records. It offers a collection of striking songs blended into a diverse and yet surprisingly compact album, one that Autumn considers to be their most personal and meaningful to date. With a strong and solid lineup, the band thrives on the wealth of experiences drawn from recording and touring during the campaign for the previous album, Altitude. It inspired the six musicians to focus on further enriching and expanding both their songwriting and sound for Cold Comfort.

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