Autumn "Altitude" CD

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1. Paradise Nox
2. Liquid Under Film Noir
3. Skydancer
4. Synchro-Minds
5. The Heart Demands
6. A Minor Dance
7. Cascade (For A Day)
8. Horizon Line
9. Sulphur Rodents
10. Answers Never Questioned
11. Altitude

Winter 2009 heralded the return of Dutch heavy rock collective, AUTUMN, with a new intense and diverse album: Altitude. In many ways, this album is a logical progression from 2007's highly acclaimed album, My New Time. It does present one surprising change: one of voice. Rising star, Marjan Welman, has taken over vocal duties from Nienke de Jong.

The deliberate approach AUTUMN took to writing music and lyrics has a deeper motivation. Mats states: "We're pretty much an album band, having grown up in times when buying an album meant embarking on a musical journey, a thrilling adventure. Nowadays, you often end up with a collection of songs, some killers, some fillers. For us, every note on this album has a purpose. Every second counts, so to speak." The band describe it as a yearning to return to past eras of epic albums. AUTUMN's Altitude may prove to fit neatly into that category. And this collective has only just begun its musical journeys...

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