Artillery "X" CD

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01. The Devil's Symphony
02. In Thrash We Trust
03. Turn up the Rage
04. Silver Cross
05. In Your Mind
06. The Ghost of Me
07. Force of Indifference
08. Varg I Veum
09. Mors Ontologica
10. Eternal Night
11. Beggars in Black Suites
12. The Last Journey (Bonus Track)
13. Trapped Under Ice (Bonus Track)

In the mid-1980s Denmark's Artillery established themselves as being at the cutting edge of the thrash movement, and nearly forty years later they continue to destroy. Returning with their tenth - and aptly titled - full length 'X' they prove once again that they have not missed a step, delivering a record that's ruthlessly heavy, catchy and pure molten metal. "We wanted to have the typical Artillery trademarks, like the riffs and hook lines in the usual combination together with aggression and melody. We always try to combine melodic thrash metal with elements from the heavy sounds of the 70s and the 80s, and this time with new elements in some of the songs," says guitarist Michael Stützer. "We don't have to push ourselves hard when we're writing a record because we love what we're doing."

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