Antropomorphia "Merciless Savagery (Brown Marbled)" 12"

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01. Merciless Savagery
02. Requiem Diabolica
03. Womb ov Thorns
04. Cathedral ov Tombs
05. Apocalyptic Scourge

06. Wailing Chorus ov the Damned
07. Luciferian Tempest
08. The Darkest Light
09. Unsettling Voices

Vinyl Features:
+ Brown Marbled Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ A2 Size Poster (~16.5" x 23.4")
+ 2-Sided Insert
+ Digital Download Card
+ European Import (Limited to 100 Copies)

In the year marking the 10th anniversary of their reunion, AntropomorphiA have delivered an extreme metal opus that more than maintains the high standards upheld over the course of their storied career. Further building on the monstrous sounds of 2017's 'Sermon Ov Wrath', 'Merciless Savagery' lives up to its name, attacking with unrepentant ferocity and holding nothing back. "I want to hold on to the artistic freedom we've gained and be true to our sound without becoming repetitive, and that was the same going into making this record," states vocalist/guitarist Ferry Damen. "There always needs to be a progression but during the writing process I follow the path of inspiration, emotion and instinct, there's never a premeditated plan. The same goes for our new effort, on which I embraced my demons and reveled in darkness and shadows, and in doing so this entangled with the artistic output. Therefore, 'Merciless Savagery' has taken on a darker form than it's predecessor."

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