Anterior "This Age Of Silence" CD

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1. Ghosts Of Dawn
2. The Silent Divide
3. Dead Divine
4. Days Of Deliverance
5. Human Hive
6. Stir Of Echoes
7. Scar City
8. Seraph
9. This Age Of Silence

"Anterior rocked everyone's balls off! They were amazing, these kids could fucking play!" (8/11/2005) - Brian Redman of Roadrunner Records own 3 Inches Of Blood. The sheer quality of their material and the flawless execution of their ever astounding live show, carves an everlasting impression even in the eyes of today's leading artists.

The band formed in late 2003, as a group of individuals inspired by their passion for metal. At the mere age of 17 they began to create the epic sound that they wield today. Combining thunderous riffs, technically exceptional guitar work, relentless drive, and an abundance of melody, they forged a unique style that captures an ever growing army of fans!

During their short yet illustrious career, they have risen above all, to share stages with household names: DragonForce, The Black Dahlia Murder, Himsa, 3 Inches Of Blood and Mendeed to name but a few. Together with these high profile shows and extensive local radio play Anterior have proven that they push the boundaries of modern musicianship to a new level, competing with bands much older and more established than their selves.

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