Aeon "Rise To Dominate" CD

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1. Helel Ben-Shachar
2. Spreading Their Disease
3. Living Sin
4. Hate Them
5. You Pray To Nothing
6. Caressed By The Holy Man
7. House Of Greed
8. Godless
9. When The War Comes
10. There Will Be No Heaven For Me
11. Luke 4:5-7
12. No One Escapes Us

Every one of Aeon's riffs on Rise to Dominate is razor sharp and their boisterous solos are technical without being overdone, creating a sound that most technical death metal bands can't even come close to achieving. Every track on Rise of Dominate is a standout and is filled with originality, neck-snapping time shifts, catchy hooks, and technical dexterity making it the album every death metal fan has ever wished for. "Rise to Dominate is a rawer and more brutal sound than we ever had" comments the band as each track offers a diverse and commanding approach to the technical death metal genre. Aeon is able to incorporate complex song structuring and finely detailed unforgettable facets which leaves the listener yearning for more.

Rise to Dominate was recorded and then sent to Dan Swan� at Unisound Recordings (Opeth, Katatonia, Marduk, Dissection, Dark Funeral, and Nasum) for mixing and mastering in the spring of 2007. Aeon will definitely be an act that one must experience live as their live show is as brutally punishing and exceptionally tight as their recordings. A feat that not many bands can claim.

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