Accuser "The Mastery" 12"

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01. Mission: Missile
02. The Real World
03. Solace in Sorrow
04. Time for Silence
05. My Skin

06. Catacombs
07. Mourning
08. Ruthless
09. Into the Black
10. The Mastery

Vinyl Features:
+ Pastel Pink / Violet Marble Vinyl
+ Single Jacket
+ 2-Sided Color Insert
+ European Import (Limited to 160 Copies)

For the band, "The Mastery", is some kind of missing link between the technical virtuosity of an album like "Who Dominates Who" and the more basic, heavy approach of "Repent". Best of both worlds so to say and not only for the band the best album since their comeback in 2008. "The Mastery" contains all of the elements that define the Accu§er sound: heavy, chunky thrash riffs, aggressive vocals with a touch of melody - in addition to the high class guitar solos by youngster Dennis Rybakowski. When it comes to the lyrical side of their songs, Accu§er still raises their voices to denounce social grievances.

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