Abnormality "Sociopathic Constructs" CD

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01. Monarch Alpha
02. Penance
03. Kakistocracy
04. Transmogrification of the Echoborgs
05. A Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event
06. Aeturnum
07. Dying Breed
08. A Seething Perversion
09. Curb Stomp

'Sociopathic Constructs' serves to further cement Abnormality's place at the cutting edge of savage ultra-technical death metal. With the follow up to 2016's 'Mechanisms Of Omniscience', the Marlborough, Massachusetts quintet have stepped up their game across the board, making for a record that is as violent, complex and thought provoking as any you will hear in 2019, and the band were not afraid to explore and mix things up. "I think this record we felt free enough to just go where we wanted to within a song," states guitarist Jeremy Henry. "We had no qualms with switching styles and approaches from riff to riff. To have a whole section grinding away and then just switch gears, hit the brakes and drop a slow, old school Morbid Angel warship groove in there. We felt free to follow our instincts, and just let our influences shine through."

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