3 "The End Is Begun" CD

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1. The Word Is Born Of Flame
2. The End Is Begun
3. Battle Cry
4. All That Remains
5. My Divided Falling
6. Serpents In Disguise
7. Been To The Future
8. Bleeding Me Home
9. Live Entertainment
10. Diamond In The Crush
11. Shadow Play
12. These Iron Bones
13. The Last Day

The Woodstock, NY-based group began touring nationally in 2003 when they hit the road with COHEED & CAMBRIA. They turned a lot of heads, winning audiences with their passion and unique brand of virtuosity. The buzz had begun, not just amongst music fans but within the industry as well.

Enter 2006, after the successful re-release of Wake Pig on Metal Blade Records, and the completion of their first world tour, 3 returned home to begin work on a new record. Drumming guru, Jerry Marotta (PETER GABRIEL, ELVIS COSTELLO) offered up his legendary studio and drum collection, and so the boys set up shop and recorded their masterpiece: The End Is Begun.

In anticipation of the release The End Is Begun out on 07/24/2007, 3 hit the road with PORCUPINE TREE in Spring 2007 touring all over the US and Canada to rave reviews.

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